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The Acarid's armed forces are essentially a superorganism comprising individuals from all castes and with varied abilities. Like their insectoid brethren they work in synergy with each other, without a need for standing orders, a command hierarchy, or a permanent organizational framework.


Neither their origin or military doctrines sets them apart from the insectoids, as descendants evolved from that race.

Military doctrine

Just like the insectoids the acarids have soldiers and workers involved in defending their colonies while expanding their territory. The only noticeable difference is that the acarid castes have wings, making them more mobile in the face of threats. Some acarid species have wasp-like abilities that permit them to assault ground based enemies from above, useful in emergencies where unarmed individuals may come under attack.

Army branches

Like their insectoid ancestors, the acarids have no formal orders or groupings regarding warfare, as they rely on each colony to provide warriors and workers for their faction/society to be able to develop and prevail. See the Acarid race entry for more information.

Army ranks

The acarids have no formal ranks, but work as a whole base upon their colony's structure. See the Acarid race entry for more information.

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