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With the acarid's ability to fly it was but a natural extension of their superorganism to include space faring vessels into their society.


Like the insectoids the acarids didn't develop warships by themselves, but what influenced the other influenced them. The only difference between the two factions in this regard, is that the acarids ships only need to break atmosphere in order for the passengers to continue by themselves, making their approach to space operations much more flexible.

The acarids ships are also build with organic interior and special exoskeletons capable of withstanding the normal wear and tear of flight, a structure making the acarid ships capable of slow self regeneration of damaged suffered.

Military doctrine

As with their insectoid brethren, the acarids doesn't pursue new ways of conducting warfare in space. By mimicking their land based approach to combat they rely in their numbers and specialization to prevail in times of need.

Navy branches

Like their insectoid ancestors, the acarids have no formal orders or groupings regarding warfare, as they rely on each colony to provide warriors and workers for their faction/society to be able to develop and prevail. See the Acarid race entry for more information.

Navy ranks

The acarids have no formal ranks, but work as a whole base upon their colony's structure. See the Acarid race entry for more information.

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