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Aristarchus is a star system situated in neutral space. Practically on the border of Assembly space, it is a prime location for the black market.


Aristarchus, once a Templar garrison system, has been border territory for many centuries, lying in close proximity to Ercinean space. Through those centuries the pirates who used the system as a base of operations enjoyed an easy life, preying on the unprotected Terran colonies eking out their survival in the far-flung reaches of their government's space.

That easy life came to a swift and bloody conclusion with the rise of the Marauders, first in the shape of the colonial militia developed by Esther Montford, and later by the Marauder Navy. The pirates retreated to find softer targets, and left Aristarchus to evolve into the subtler guise of a smuggler's depot. Largely controlled from afar by the Asgard cartels, Aristarchus is the last waypoint in neutral space on the illegal trade routes into Assembly space.

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