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"We fear nothing, and no one."

Arkaion is a Ronin, a member of the militant order of guardians more properly known as the Fraternity.


Arkaion was born some time before the Daybreak War, and was inducted into the Order of Guardians upon the outbreak of that conflict. At the end of that conflict he joined the Fraternity and participated in the expulsion of the Arachnids from Aluxi.

Arkaion is also a veteran of the Phantom Wars. He was appointed as a Captain of the Fraternity in 43,974 BTA.

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Conflagration (Book Two)

Arkaion is introduced to Jennifer and Keera by Shan'Chael, who admits he has a long-standing arrangement with the Ronins. The ensuing discussion reveals Arkaion to have been responsible for the run of events in Berlin that brought Jennifer and Keera together, as part of a plan to try to foil the neomorphs' attempted theft of the Templar sun harvester. He then requests their help to try and steal the harvester from the Assembly.

Conflagration (Book Three)

Having secured Jennifer and Keera's help for his mission to Kyzar, Arkaion accompanies the pair, along with Dolos and Praetorius, to the Assembly capital. He assists with the planning and execution of the theft, and when Keera discovers the artefact is already gone, brokers a meeting with Xion in order to alert the main Guardian order and through them, the Assembly. He defends Jen and Keera by offering them asylum for their prior criminal activities, and once the Sentinel plot is exposed, he accompanies Jennifer in an attempt to ambush the operative posing as Envoy Iotanus. In the aftermath of the ambush, he secures critical medical attention for Keera, and after the entire series of events are revealed to the Assembly, he undertakes a new quest to purge the galaxy of the Sentinel terrorist threat. Before he leaves, he bestows his fallen brother's sword on Keera, acknowledging her as an ally of the Guardians.

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