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Jennifer Bronwen - "Home, sweet home."

A former Templar stronghold located in what is now neutral space, Asgard houses one of the main galactic trading markets. Part commerce hub and part entertainment mecca, the system is home to numerous criminal empires and a refuge for those galactic citizens who have good reason not to want to be found.


The Asgard system was originally colonized by the Templars during the rule of the Psyonic Empire. After the empire's collapse, Asgard was abandoned, its infrastructure left intact to rot with time. A resource rich system in a prime location on the galactic trade route network, Asgard was not left uninhabited for long, and an independent trading post was soon established on Hel, the fourth of the nine planets in the habitable zone of Asgard's star.

Notable characters

Notable locations

  • Alfheim (planet)
  • Asgard (planet)
  • Hel (planet)
  • Jotunheim (planet)
  • Midgard (planet)
  • Muspelheim (planet)
  • Niflheim (planet)
  • Svartalfheim (planet)
    • Old forges, manufacturing and mines (area)
    • Cartel labs (area)
  • Vanaheim (planet)
    • Shipyard (area)

Notable organizations

  • Mortalis Inhumations (corporation - Hel's Market)
  • Valhalla Recruitment (corporation - Hel's Market)

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