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Bedingrade is a star system located in Assembly space, independent of any faction territories. It is very sparsely inhabited, as dark-matter concentrations in the system left over from Terran weapons testing present navigational hazards due to their gravitational distortion.


Bedingrade supported a secret test facility maintained by the Terran government for weapons and ship development in the early years of their Assembly membership. During the Perseus War, the site was used to rush through the testing of antimatter weapons, but a series of miscalculations resulted the creation of a labyrinth of dark matter pockets that made the system practically unnavigable.

The system was the site of a decisive battle between the Terrans and the Stalkers in 83 ATA. The Terrans were victorious after deploying drone bombers carrying nuclear warheads in the system. When the bombs were detonated in the proximity of the dark matter pockets, the resulting gravitational and energy distortions tore the stalker fleet to pieces.

Because of the navigational hazards, the system has never been of interest for colonization, and is home to a mere handful of corporate mining concerns, an Assembly-funded research outpost monitoring the evolution of the gravity anomalies, and a scavenger outpost making a decent profit in secondhand parts from mopping up the accidents that invariably occur when the careless or the foolhardy venture into the system. The Marauder military occasionally uses the system for ship trials and war games.

Notable locations

  • Starship junkyard (in orbit of planet B-32)

Notable events

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