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Keera Naraymis - "I know you’re from Bronwen..."

Bronwen is a star system situated in Marauder space. A prime location considered to be at a crossroads between several major civilisations, the system supports numerous settlements and is the location of one of the major galactic markets in Assembly space.


In 114 ATA, the Assembly, conscious that trade is the lifeblood of state cooperation, encouraged the establishment of galactic markets in two "crossroads" systems, Bronwen and Ice Serpent. The system was ceded to Marauder control in 960 ATA - the Marauders agreed to support the ongoing cost of operating the market in return for the opportunity to establish new colonies closer to the galactic core. The market is located on Anwen, the system capital, and Siwan is the most recently inhabited planet, which is still undergoing terraforming.

Notable characters

Notable locations

  • Anwen (system capital)
    • Galactic market
  • Ceirios (planet)
  • Hafren (planet)
  • Siwan (planet)
    • Whitland (city)

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