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The Bronwen's Fortune is a heavily modified twin-deck Marauder frigate, owned and operated by Jennifer Bronwen.


In the late 960s/early 970s ATA the Marauder military funded the development of several new prototype frigate-class vessels with a view to expanding their fleet's exploratory and scouting capabilities. Of the three designs that were put forward, the twin-deck Venture model was approved for further testing, but a funding reallocation for new dreadnoughts meant that only ten were ever built.

The Fortune was one such. The last prototype built, the ship was damaged in its initial navigational trials in Bedingrade, and left for salvage at the scrapyards in the system after being stripped of its military systems. The owner of the yards, recognizing its potential as a personal transport or light freighter, repaired the hull and installed new neomorph engine tech, but did not find a suitable buyer for the vessel until Jennifer Bronwen acquired it nearly twenty years later.

Vehicle design

The Fortune's original layout has been heavily modified to fit her for her role as a light, rapid transit freighter. Many of the bulkheads on the lower deck were knocked through to create cargo bays. Her neomorph-built engines permit her to travel at almost twice the galactic standard FTL velocity, although the size of the engines has meant sacrificing some cargo space.

The ship's systems have also been extensively reworked since Jennifer Bronwen's acquisition of the vessel. Since it is common for Bronwen to work and travel without a crew, modifications were required to ensure she would be able to manage the systems solo. The ship's maintenance VI, nicknamed Sprocket, carries much of the routine operations load, leaving the pilot free to concentrate on navigation and defence as required.

Three additional crew bunks are located in the mission prep or wardroom for those occasions when extra hands are employed aboard.

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