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Review - "I think it is better than Eclipse and Twilight Imperium. Great game!"

Burning Suns is an intense tactical science fiction game set in an expansive universe, where you'll be competing for supremacy through technology, diplomacy, exploitation, and destruction.

Burning Suns focuses on tactical depth, and provides thematic experiences with lots of important choices and high replayability.


Burning Suns started out in 2010 as a board game interpretation of the popular Sins of a Solar Empire. It had a traditional feel of unit movement, hexagonal tiles with planets, and some empire tech trees, but no abilities and a predetermined action phase. All in all it was an average take on something familiar for those who had played 4X games.

Over the next couple of years things changed rapidly, as new inspiration took permanent hold in the game's design. Leaders and agents inspired by LucasArts' old Rebellion came on board, together with Smallworlds take on combining sets for abilities, Cyclades' action phase system, a new tile concept of stars and eclipses and a new miniature concept called Dieships.

In 2013 the game was ready for public tests and launched on Kickstarter twice in the same year. The first time it fell only 12% short of its goal, but the second time was very successful, with 225% funding pledged towards a goal twice the original size.

In one of the most collaborative Kickstarter campaigns to date, backers have helped shape the universe of the Burning Suns, as they have both added names to characters, voted for miniature designs, suggested balance changes, and much more.

Today, Burning Suns is much more than a game - it's a universe brought to life by the power of imagination and hard work.

Where/how to buy?

Burning Suns is available for pre-order here:.

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