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- "It’s wreckage, McCann whispered, horror strangling her voice to a whisper."

War has engulfed the Burning Suns.

As the Templars reconquer their ancient empire, driving the Changelings and the Terrans from system after system, the Assembly is on the brink of tearing itself apart. With each new squabble over vendettas, vengeance, and injured pride, the long-held accords of galactic unity are cast further into the void.

Shanghaied back into the Marauder military, former mercenary Jen Bronwen is keeping a low profile, dodging enemy patrols while awaiting the opportunity to free herself from the Marine Corps’ grasp. Meanwhile, Changeling intelligence agent Keera Naraymis is on the diplomatic front line, assigned to the Assembly’s capital to hold together as many alliances as she can.

When tragedy strikes, Jen is recruited by the Guardians for a desperate mission to salvage the smallest sliver of hope from the wreckage. Caught between two destinies, she must decide between obedience and insurrection, even as an ancient enemy stirs in the far reaches of the galaxy. The wrong choice might condemn every soul beneath the Suns. But obedience has never been Jen’s strong suit…


The book is based upon SunTzuGames' first sci-fi board game of the same name. See the first book for the origin of the series.

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