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Conflagration - "she could do critical damage to his organic tissue if she was committed enough, and he did not doubt the precision of her aim"

Genetically engineered, bred and trained for battle, the champions of the Neomorph Polity exist for one purpose - to bring destruction to their enemies.


The origin of the Champion Army is in the essence the origin of the Champion faction, as the warrior-caste was genetically engineered and bred for the purpose of strengthening the Neomorph's ability to defend themselves and their society. Learn more about the Champion race's origin here.

Military doctrine

Due to the Champions' specialization as warriors, they rarely work with specific organisational doctrines, but tend to adopt a more special-operations-style approach, where they assembly specific task forces to achieve specific tasks. The Champions' chameleon abilities and capacity to communicate using skin colors, as with the Neomorphs, makes them ideally suited to such methods.

The Champions are especially good at small-scale combat in confined spaces, due to spending most of their lives and training time abaord ships in their fleets or in small colonies.

The proud warrior caste believe themselves to be above many common military activities, such as guard and patrol duties, and more often than not will remain disengaged from a fight until a decisive blow can be brought to bear. Defensively, they consider themselves as a the final bastion and take pride in fighting in small groups. It is not uncommon for specific individuals to remain in cadres from birth, creating strong group loyalty with their comrades.

Army branches

Shock Forces
The most highly regarded of the Champions are their shock troops, forces focusing solely on offensive tactics.
Assault Battalions Vanguards Main Forces Rear Guards Companion Guards
1st SF 2 Companies 6 Companies 2 Companies 1 Company
2nd SF 2 Companies 6 Companies 2 Companies 1 Company
3rd SF 2 Companies 6 Companies 2 Companies 1 Company
4th SF 2 Companies 6 Companies 2 Companies 1 Company

Demolition Forces
Forces trained to take out enemy emplacements and cripple enemy forces through various sapper and sabotage tactics.
Demolition Regiments Vanguards Main Forces Rear Guards Companion Guards
1st DF 1 Company 3 Companies 1 Company 1 Platoon
2nd DF 1 Company 3 Companies 1 Company 1 Platoon

The most skilled of all the Champions are assigned to their SPEC-OPS forces, used for high priority targeting and stealth missions.
Structure unknown

Army ranks

Neomorph ranks Champion ranks
The Neomorphs have few ranks due to most crewmen having very specialized positions that do not require subdivisions. Since the Champions work in close collaboration, albeit within their own caste, they have adopted similar ranks.
Fleet Admiral Fleet Champion
Captain Champion's Aide
Commander Champion's 2nd Aide
Staff Specialist Staff Specialist
Specialist Specialist
Crewman Warrior

Notable events

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