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Selina Kronosius - "If you feel that way, Admiral, perhaps you should ask yourself if this is a position you wish to retain?"

The Champion Navy is a small, specialised, and highly aggressive division of the much larger Neomorph Navy.


The Champion Navy is only two years old and is by far the smallest fleet of any known civilization. It was established after the outbreak of the Mendillo Conflict, by the demand of the Champions' leaders in the Neomorph Polity.

Despite being relatively new, the Champion navy is staffed by highly trained and skilled personnel thanks to the many years the Champions have served as crewmembers with the Neomorph fleets.

Military doctrine

Due to the Champion's aggressive nature and their specialisation in ground combat, the Champions have adopted general navy doctrines from their parent fleet, and defer most space-borne combat to their better equipped counterparts.

Champion naval warfare tactics are primarily shock tactics, designed with the aim of quickly deploying their warriors to a target location, be that a planet or a vessel, then disengaging before their fleet can be targeted and attacked. With their highly specialized ships, the Champions are capable of making extremely precise FTL jumps, rendering it almost impossible for an enemy fleet to effectively prevent dropships from reaching their destination.

However, it should be noted that these tactics have so far only been used in small-scale skirmishes to date, and remain unproven against an enemy force of any significant size.

Navy branches

Champion Assault Fleets
As the name indicates, these fleets are highly specialized in assault operations only, with their detachments consisting mainly of battlecruisers.
Fleets Sections Contingents Detachments Wing
Furious 1 per Fleet 1 per Section 8 per Contingent 0 per Detachment
Ferocity 1 per Fleet 1 per Section 8 per Contingent 0 per Detachment

Navy ranks

Neomorph ranks Champion ranks
Since the Champions work in close collaboration with the Neomorphs, they employ similar ranks.
Fleet Admiral Fleet Champion
Captain Champion's Aide
Commander Champion's 2nd Aide
Staff Specialist Staff Specialist
Specialist Specialist
Crewman Warrior

Notable characters

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