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Keera Naraymis - "Changeling combat doctrine is predicated on surprise. If an enemy doesn’t know you’re there, they can’t react."

The Changeling Army specialises in undercover operations and small-scale combat operations, supported by the deployment of individual field agents to interrupt enemy activity and engineer diplomatic solutions.


Due to their generally inquisitive nature, most changelings prefer to volunteer for service in the navy or as information specialists, scouts, and explorers. At the beginning of the Sentinel Rebellion the Changelings did not maintain a standing army and the Consortium's government was seriously challenged by the task of keeping the Sentinels at bay.

It was not until the Assembly stepped in with resources and technical assistance in the prosecution of large-scale warfare that the Changelings managed to put down the rebellion and establish the Home Guard Brigades. The military expansion was enacted as a future safeguard to defend the most important Changeling systems, and at the direct request of the Assembly in order to be able to contribute on the galactic stage.

Due to the Changelings' ability to shapeshift and the inherent risk of internal terrorism, the army established a "sanitization" program for enlisting personnel that would remove any extra DNA patterns a Changeling might carry when entering the army. Individuals are thereafter outfitted with skins relevant for operations, and checked on a quarterly basis for deviations. Most individuals only stay 2-4 years in the army, since the Changelings' life-span is short in comparison to other races. 8 years would be the maximum any one individual could serve.

Military doctrine

The Changeling army's doctrines are built around their ability to change appearance, making their forces ideal for guerilla, stealth, and hit & run tactics.

Little is known about the army's large-scale capabilities, as the Changelings keep their Assembly-mandated operations on a very small scale, mostly supplying intel specialists and obs-forces.

Army branches

Consortium Home Guard Brigades
Due to the Changeling army being so specialized, the HGBs work primarily with small-squad tactics, generally operating on a cell basis.
Brigades Groups Battalions Squads
EVA 10 8 300
ARIELLE 10 8 300
ICE 4 6 200
SERPENT 4 6 200

Consortium Commando Service
From an intergalactic peace perspective, many factions view these commandos as some of the most dangerous soldiers alive.
Structure unknown

Consortium Special (Diplomatic) Service
Little is known about these agents.They do not engage in direct combat/warfare, and they are often employed by the Consortium on recon and counter-espionage operations. Entry requirements for the service are stringent, and only the best candidates are selected for field duty. The Diplomatic branch is a civilian-controlled division specialising in extra-territorial operations.
Structure unknown

Army ranks

The ranks of the Changeling army has never been fully disclosed by the Changeling government.
Lvl 5 Commander Unknown Unknown
Lvl 4 Commander Unknown Unknown
Lvl 3 Commander Unknown Handler
Lvl 2 Commander Unknown Field Agent
Lvl 1 Commander Unknown Unknown
Enlisted Unknown Unknown

Notable events

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