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Keera Naraymis - "Changeling combat doctrine is predicated on surprise. If an enemy doesn't know you’re there, they can’t react."

The changeling navy, while neither especially large nor especially powerful, has shown itself capable of punching far above its weight in the few engagements it has participated in.


Changelings are an inquisitive species, and the majority of their early government-funded shipbuilding was done in the name of exploration and expansion, pioneering to establish small pockets of territory not necessarily contiguous to their home system. The ships they built were fast, manoeuvrable and well-shielded, but not necessarily heavily armed.

After the events of the Sentinel rebellion however, the need for a more cohesive military component to their fleets was mandated by the Assembly, and the Consortium began to invest in more combat-oriented designs.

Military doctrine

Camouflage, stealth, and swift prosecution of decisive engagements characterize the doctrines of the changelings' naval forces, in keeping with their strengths. Pitched battles and attrition are anathema, and territorial supremacy is secondary to incapacitating the enemy - changelings will happily surrender territory to create the optimum conditions for hit and run counterstrikes.

The navy is rarely deployed without support from changeling ground forces, although that support seldom takes the form of a physical force to be contended with. Infiltration and sabotage are ruthlessly applied, since the Consortium's primary concern in engaging in conflict is winning the war, not how valiantly the battles were fought.

Navy branches

Changeling Expeditionary Fleets
Comprising small, highly mobile craft intended for scouting and exploration, the Expeditionary arm of the Changeling Navy is renowned more for its discoveries than its conquests.
Fleets Recon Squads Sweep Squads Establishing Squads Support Squads
1st Expeditionary 5 per Fleet 5 per Fleet 3 per Fleet 4 per Fleet
2nd Expeditionary 5 per Fleet 5 per Fleet 3 per Fleet 4 per Fleet
Changeling Home Fleets
Each of the Home Fleets is charged with the defense of a specific Changeling territory. They form the bulk of the Changeling Navy's forces, deploying heavier ships in much larger numbers.
Fleets Titan Battle Division Fire Support Division Maneuver Division
Eva Arielle 1 6 per Fleet 6 per Fleet 10 per Fleet
Ice Serpent 0 3 per Fleet 3 per Fleet 5 per Fleet
Socialand 0 3 per Fleet 3 per Fleet 5 per Fleet

Navy ranks

General Staff Line Officers Enlisted
Changeling naval ranks are organized with a standard, if slightly compressed, hierarchy. As with the army, compulsory DNA "sanitization" checks are carried out on all personnel on a regular basis to weed out infiltrators.
Fleet Admiral Commodore Chief Technician
Admiral Captain Technician
Vice Admiral Commander Specialist
Admiral Lieutenant Sailor

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