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Minister Solta - "My people are often accused of duplicity on no grounds other than their species"

The changelings are one of the most unusual species in the galaxy, with a unique ability to transform their physical appearance. As such, they are generally treated with a degree of suspicion by the other sentient races, since, within certain limits, it is possible for them to mimic almost anyone.


Changelings are an avian derived species, as evidenced by their beaks. They do not possess a particularly acute sense of smell, but have very sharp hearing and eyesight. They reproduce sexually and are fully mature (relatively late in their short life-cycle) by the age of 12-13. 

The changelings' defining biological characteristic is their ability to alter their physical appearance to mimic those of other life forms. The transition is superficial, allowing an effective change of outward appearance only, via ingestion of a target species DNA. Since their underlying physiology remains the same, their biological responses to environment and trauma remain unchanged. A changeling can imprint a maximum of four DNA patterns other than their own at any one time. They cannot mimic anything that is not dictated by DNA, so it is not possible for a changeling to pass themselves off as a cyborg or a templar.

The shape-shift - referred to as skinshifting - is an energy intensive process that is exhausting for the changeling. It is difficult for a changeling to manage two changes within a short space of time, and impossible to do more than two without the aid of stimulants. Once a change is achieved, however, it requires no further energy to maintain the new form. Changelings have a high metabolism to fuel skinshifting, and changelings actively involved in a lot of shifts consume a lot of food relative to their bodyweight.

Changelings are sequential hermaphrodites, changing sex to regulate hormone levels once every few years throughout their adult life. Most changelings tend to have a preference for one or other of the sexes, and may undertake hormone treatments to minimize their time spent in their less preferred sex. All changelings are born female, and go through numerous rapid change cycles (referred to as morphs) during puberty, which is also when the skinshift ability manifests.

Notable changelings

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