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Keera's father - "The Consortium is patient, and the Consortium plays a percentage game."

The Changelings, properly titled the Federated Consortium of Changeling Nations, are a faction of the changeling race. The Consortium is the sole changeling civilisation - the Sentinels are considered terrorists and criminals, with no formal recognition by any of the other races as a legitimate offshoot.


First contact with the Changelings officially took place in 301 ATA when an Assembly expedition encountered a Changeling patrol vessel near the Solcialand system. However, given the species' unique shape-shifting abilities, it is impossible to say with any certainty how much earlier any initial interspecies contact might have taken place.

Barely two years after first contact, the Assembly took the decision to offer the Consortium a seat, in exchange for more detailed disclosure of the exact extent of the Changeling civilization and an agreement to regulate the movements of their own people through the galaxy. The Assembly reasoned that it was better to exert the influence of peer pressure than to try and enforce restrictions from outside on an unknown population. The Consortium agreed, but many changelings objected to what they saw as having their freedom curtailed, and in 304 ATA an insurgency calling themselves the Sentinels rose up in rebellion. The Sentinels rapidly recruited a large number of citizens, and established a fortified presence in the Lazarus Depth system while infiltrating the Consortium's own command structure. The conflict lasted for four years, and required a painstaking counterinsurgency effort as well as heavy military engagements. To support the Consortium's efforts, the Assembly granted them the rights to the resource-rich galactic market system of Ice Serpent.

Upon liberating Lazarus Depth in 308 ATA, the Consortium formally outlawed the Sentinels as an organization, and arraigned the ringleaders as criminals. The faction faded from public view, but continues to agitate on a terrorist footing to this day.

Because of the nature of changeling physiology, it is rumoured that the Consortium has infiltrated many of the other factions and governments to promote pro-Changeling agendas. The Consortium denies such rumours strenuously.

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