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The Consortium Diplomatic Service is the foreign intelligence service of the Federated Consortium of Changeling Nations. Headquartered in the Changeling capital city, Amaris, it is nominally a military organisation, but falls under the command of the civil government due to being wholly embedded in the civil diplomatic corps. Its counterintelligence counterpart, the Consortium Special Service, is a division of the Changeling military.

The goal of the Diplomatic Service is twofold - to safeguard to the security of the Consortium from external threats, and to maintain peaceful relations between the Assembly races. Like the Special Service, it also has a mandate to neutralise Sentinel operations wherever it encounters them, although its focus is on operations outside Changeling territory.


Formally established as a government service in 301 ATA after the Changeling's official first contact with the Assembly, rumours persist that agents were deployed in the field long before any formal contact with the other races was established, a notion impossible to prove or disprove thanks to the changeling's unique biological abilities.

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Operational characteristics

Diplomatic Service agents function almost exclusively as infiltrators, often embedded for years at a time, and often with only one operational objective. While they receive comprehensive training in small arms and hand-to-hand combat for defensive purposes, they are neither commandos nor soldiers and will almost always opt to evade an enemy rather than confront them. Huge emphasis is placed on planning and proactive engagement.

Each agent tends to specialise in imitating one species, and their training is heavily skewed towards cultural immersion and often geared to the execution of one specific mission, as the operational life of one agent is rarely longer than two-three years in the field. Due to the extensive customisation requirements of taking on a new life, it is not uncommon for agents to be embedded in a dormant state, only becoming active once a "settling in" period has taken place.

Those agents apprehended or exposed in the line of duty are usually cut off from the Service and left to fend for themselves to maintain official deniability. In extreme cases, the Service may opt to terminate their own agents to avoid an operation being blown.

Agents who have successfully completed field duty may continue their careers in administration and support, with options to work as trainers, operational handlers, or, in the case of the exceptionally talented, leadership and strategic planning roles.

Notable operatives

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