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"Solutions. Delivered." - Cryo Corp marketing slogan

Cryo Corp is a multi-system corporation that provides logistical solutions for long-haul transportation, controlled-environment storage, and penitentiary facilities. Headquartered in Lord's Assembly, it is the owner-operator of the fabled "Freezer" prison complex.


Cryo Corp was established in 2604 CE (211 BTA) by the merger of three of the Terrans' largest corporations: Solar Cryofreight, Galactic Star Alliance, and BAE-Lockheed-Grumman. The brainchild of Solar's maverick multi-trillionaire chairman, Audemar Maarten, the deal created the first deep-space logistics concern in human history, a company specialising in building and operating spacecraft for long-haul exploration and colonisation missions. Thanks to its founder's astute gamble, Cryo Corp quickly developed a monopoly on building the interplanetary infrastructure in the Modeus system, and used its resources to bankroll the human race's most extensive R&D program - the quest to develop FTL travel capability. The details of the deal Cryo Corp cut with the Terran government in return for their investment have never been disclosed, however the rapid expansion of the company into Assembly systems in the decades after first contact strongly suggests preferential treatment of some kind.

Maarten's successors, equally as shrewd as the old man, quickly recognized in the aftermath of the Perseus War that the advanced technologies of the other Assembly races precluded their long-term viability as a purely logistical concern, and in 115 ATA applied for mining and settlement rights in a number of uninhabited systems including Beth'Avery and Lord's Assembly. In 123 ATA, the company pitched its newest brainchild to the governments of the Assembly - cryogenic penitentiary facilities. Within six months, most of the Terran criminal population had been offshored to the pilot facility in Lord's Assembly, and less than a year later, most of the rest of the races followed suit. Implementing the logistical network necessary to transfer prisoners to and from the site and working with the individual races to standardize penal sentencing, Cryo Corp became the first truly pan-Assembly corporation within a decade, with offices in more than 100 systems and employing tens of thousands of staff.

Cryo Corp moved their headquarters to Lord's Assembly in 130 ATA. Officially, the reason given was that the corporation wished to be seen as a neutral party with no favouritism for its parent race, but in practice the remote location in neutral space keeps the company's most sensitive records and activities well away from the prying eyes of competitors and regulators alike.

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