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The Cyborg Army is a branch of the Cyborg armed forces specialising in planet-based operations and engagements.


The Cyborg armed forces originated in 1047 BTA with the launch of their carrier vessels from the system Lem, and have existed in an unbroken succession since that date.

Military doctrine

The Cyborgs do not adhere to a particular tactical doctrine, as they develop plans and react to situations as required, adapting their organisation, planning, and rules of engagement in line with their goals. Command is almost always devolved to animates in the field and coordinated by a central platform, often a strategos-class animate.

Army branches

The cyborg army is not an especially large force, since their Navy is far more central to their core mandate. Nonetheless, kilo for kilo, cyborg combat animates are the best soldiers in the galaxy.

Korxonthos Defense Forces
These forces are tasked with keeping intruders off Korxonthos and to repel attempts to board fleet ships.
Forces Troop Commanders Fire Control Specialists Support Specialists Animate Troopers
KOR101 100 300 1,000 20,000
KOR102 50 150 500 10,000
KOR105 20 60 200 5,000

Ground Combat Forces
These forces specialize in ground and close-quarters combat.
Forces Troop Commanders Fire Control Specialists Support Specialists Animate Troopers
GRO11 50 150 500 10,000
GRO21 50 150 500 10,000
GRO31 50 150 500 10,000

Army ranks

The Cyborgs doesn't have a rank system per say, but each animate has a programmed purpose, and the purpose defines its link to the Synergy.
The Synergy
Troop Commander
Fire Control Specialist
Support Specialist

Notable characters

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