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Koios - "Awaiting your order, strategos."

The Cyborg Navy is not a distinct, separate organization from the overall Cyborg fleet, however there are certain vessels and animates specifically constructed and designated to fulfill military roles.


The Cyborg fleet originated in 1047 BTA with the launch of their carrier vessels from the system Lem, and has existed in an unbroken succession since that date.

Military doctrine

The Cyborgs do not adhere to a particular tactical doctrine, as they develop plans and react to situations as required, adapting their organisation, planning, and rules of engagement in line with their goals. This is particularly true for those Cyborg vessels who are self-aware, like Koios or squadron command raiders.

Regardless of strategy, the cyborgs possess the strongest navy in the known galaxy. Their battlecruiser and titan firepower is unmatched, making them a deadly force. The lack of formal doctrines also means that the Cyborgs maintain very few standing fleets, preferring to custom build forces to suit their needs. They do, however, have a few fleets purposed with specific tasks.

Navy branches

Cyborg Prospector Fleets
The mission of the prospector fleets is simple - identify and acquire material resources that can be used to benefit the Synergy. They operate under the command of a Forgemaster, who can designate targets and priorities according to need.
Fleet Designation Defence Wings Refinery Platform Foundry Group Drone Squadrons
PF001 4 1 3 6
PF002 4 1 3 6

Cyborg Interdictor Fleets
The purpose of the Interdictor Fleets are to create an intense gravitational field that pulls ships from FTL, in order to warn or inspect them. These fleets are not equipped for regular combat.
Fleet Designation Interdictor Engine Defence Wings Raider Squadrons Drone Squadrons
IF001 4 3 3 6

Cyborg Scout Fleets
Scout fleets are deployed to deep space, often in conjunction with Prospector fleets. Small, mobile, and well-armed, they map, monitor and explore deep space, mining knowledge as their counterparts mine ores and fuels.
Fleet Designation Dreadnoughts Battlecruisers Raider Sqaudrons Drone Squadrons
SF001 4 3 per Dreadnought 3 per Dreadnought 6

Navy ranks

The Cyborgs do not use a traditional military rank structure. Each animate has a programmed purpose, and the purpose defines its link to the Synergy. An example command path for a designated fleet is given here, though it is by no means applied as a standard.
The Synergy
Vessel Commander
Function Specialist

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