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- "The ultimate game of Russian Roulette."

While the pace of colonization has never been more rapid than in the last 1000 years, it is clear to most people that the galaxy remains a largely unexplored place with lots of potential treasures and an equally great number of undiscovered threats.


Throughout Assembly history various expeditions and scientists, possessed of varying degrees of luck, have come across dormant beacons in newly opened-up systems. Some have proved to be remnants of the past Templar empire (Psyonic Templars of Eternity) while some have pointed the way to treasure troves of resources or alien tech. Still others, discovered by the less lucky, have opened portals to terrors from deep space.

Unidentified vessels have been sighted on more than one occasion upon reactivation of such beacons, but it wasn't until the Nexus Massacre that the Assembly promulgated a law in all of its member states making it illegal to activate old beacons. This stricture, however, holds only as far as the boundaries of civilised space, and has not prevented some of the more legally flexible citizens of the galaxy from collecting or experimenting with such items.

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