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- "At your service, Captain Bronwen. Small world, ain’t it?"

Darya Solinas is a changeling con artist affiliated to Shan'Chael's black-market recruitment network. He is hired by Jennifer Bronwen as part of her crew at the beginning of the events of Conflagration.


Solinas' background and history are unknown. His track record for job fulfillment in Shan'Chael's network suggests he is a reliable operative, but his motivations and affiliations remain a mystery. He is suspected to be a member of the Sentinels, but no clear proof has ever been established.

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Burning Suns - Conflagration
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Conflagration (Book One)

Solinas meets Jennifer Bronwen in a bar in Hel's Market, and agrees to join her crew for the proposed museum heist in Berlin. His role is to replace the museum's security chief, getting the team access to the security systems to cover their theft.

He betrays the team, exposing the operation to the authorities, and evades capture, and is later revealed to have murdered his mark, an act that results in Jennifer being charged with felony murder.

During Jen's meeting with Keera Naraymis to discuss her extradition, Solinas returns, disguised as a police officer, and is revealed to have attempted to kill Keera as well as having betrayed Jen. When Keera releases Jen from confinement during the ensuing brawl, Jen chokes Solinas to death.

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