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The Assembly's member races are the most advanced civilisations of the galaxy, and their interactions and politics intersect on a galaxy wide-scale. However, they are not the only races that live in the Burning Suns. Not every race has reached the technological development level necessary to support an extra-terrestrial society, but many systems support thriving indigenous civilisations.

The Assembly charter forbids contact with a race if they have not achieved the threshold of faster-than-light travel, to avoid contaminating a race's culture with technology or knowledge they may not be ready to incorporate. Prior to the Assembly's founding, different races made approaches to developing civilisations. The Ercineans have been known to establish observatories, and have sometimes been accused of meddling in racial development. In contrast, the Templars, during the reign of the Psyonic Empire, actively contacted and usually conquered such races, often presenting themselves as religious authorities in order to compel compliance. Their enslavement of the Sielle Speren system, for example, eventually precipitated the overthrow of that empire and provided the impetus for the Assembly's legislation.

Most such races live in ignorance of the presence of their spacefaring counterparts, but in a few select cases contact has been established and maintained (largely with races subjected to the Templar's rule).

List of known races/locations

  • Sielle Speren - the system supports several developing races, protected by the Guardians since the events of the Hundred-Years War.
  • Eyer'ame - the system is rumoured to be home to the Templar's oldest client race, the Eyer'i, but this has never been independently verified.

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