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-"...If everyone in the galaxy was as brave and daring as we are, how would people know we were heroes?"

Edrin Ansaru is a changeling soldier, holding the rank of Lieutenant in the Consortium Commando Service. A special-forces unit leader, he deployed to Ice Serpent during the Reaver invasion in 999 ATA.


Ansaru grew up in Amaris, the Changeling capital, and signed on for military service to follow in the footsteps of ten generations of his family. Distinguishing himself early in training, he was picked out for officer candidate school and transferred to the commando service upon passing out. Having served four years in the field, he is eligible for advanced rank, but has so far declined all offers, preferring to remain a squad commander.

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Burning Suns - Insurrection
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Insurrection (Book One)[]

Ansaru and his unit join forces with the surviving Marauder marines under the command of Gina Bell after they are stranded on Elapidae after the battle with the Reavers. Ansaru's mission is to disrupt the operations of the invasion force (first the Reavers, and then the Templars) and Gina's troops greatly increase their strike capability. Working together, they sabotage a power plant, but are forced to retreat when the Templars retaliate, wiping out their cell HQ by firebombing. Ansaru leads the team to a new resistance cell and they agree on a new plan - relocate to Boidae, where they can intercept intelligence that will be useful to the wider war effort. The crash landing of the Bronwen's Fortune provides the team with transport, but they are ambushed by Templars as they try to leave, incurring significant casualties.