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Saras Eng (480ATA - 507 ATA) and Hiro Kohn (473 ATA - 507 ATA) were a noted partnership of deep-space scouts and explorers, credited with the discovery of at least ten habitable systems. 


Hiro Kohn was already a renowned deep-space pilot when he first met xenoarchaeologist Saras Eng in 495 ATA. The overlap of their skill sets proved fruitful, and within six months they had established themselves as the Assembly's foremost deep space recon team. They enjoyed a tempestuous relationship that quickly grew beyond a professional rapport, and married in 498 ATA, whereafter Eng was rarely seen in her natural form, having adopted a human skin for the comfort of her husband.

When Eng died of complications arising from injury after a fall while investigating a potential dig site in 507 ATA, the devastated Kohn set out for the galactic rim with a full hold of provisions. Rumour has it that he travelled in secret to the system that bore their names and activated a random beacon, seeking either annihilation or a new world to lose himself in. He was never heard from again, and his ship, the Sacagawea, was never traced after crossing out of Assembly space near Polihandreon.

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