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The Ercinean military is a long-established organization, heavily geared toward peacekeeping and population defence. While neither the largest nor best armed force in Assembly space, they are not a foe to be taken lightly.


Ercineans have the ability to fly, and their innate navigational ability makes them superior pilots to any other race. Following from this, their naval forces depend largely on smaller vessels, retaining the manoeuvrability and flexibility of action and reaction that their natural abilities provide. The Ercinean navy boasts by far the largest number of raider-class fighters per capital ship of any major Assembly Navy.

The Ercineans also take responsibility for the defence of Farseer territory.

Military doctrine

Ercineans are masters of the art of Fabian tactics. Lacking the numbers to successfully prosecute pitched battles, their strategists are content to draw out phases of combat into lengthy campaigns of attrition. Since the ercineans are almost always engaging defensively, such tactics exploit the weakness of an aggressors' logistical concerns - an invader is always vulnerable in their supply lines and lack of secure positions.

Navy branches

Ercinean Home Guard
A standing defence force charged with securing Ercinean and Farseer territories.
Force Wing Squadron Flight
Panacea 6 per Force 8 per Wing 4 per squadron
Saetorae 6 per Force 8 per Wing 4 per squadron

Ercinean Peacekeeper Corps
A volunteer force drawn from the Home Guard ranks, deployed to fulfill any responsibilities to the Assembly.
Force Wing Squadron Flight
Peacekeeper varies varies 4 per squadron

Navy ranks

Officer Ranks Ercineans have fairly flat hierarchies, and commands are likely to involve groups of ships as opposed to an individual vessel
Wing Commander
Squadron Commander
Flight Leader
Flight Adjutant

Notable characters

General Ealrian

Notable events

The Hundred-Years War

The Hellfire Campaign

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