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The Ercineans, properly titled the Ercinean Communion, are a faction of the ercinean race. The Communion works closely with its sister civilisation, the Harmony, and their race has been a guiding diplomatic voice in galactic civilisation for centuries.


First contact with the ercineans occurred in 3500 BTA, shortly before the Farseers broke away to pursue their religious studies in seclusion. Thus, the Ercineans are considered the youngest of the "elder" races of the galaxy (usually defined as those races involved in the founding of the Assembly).

Though slow to commit themselves to the path of violence, the Ercineans are fearsome when roused - their forces played a large part in the overthrow of the Templar empire. However, their primary goal in political negotiation is to promote understanding and consensus, and as a result they often assume the role of mediator in galactic disputes.

The Ercineans were the most welcoming of the elder races towards the galaxy's younger civilisations, directly sponsoring the accession of the Terrans to the Assembly as well as the Changelings.

The ercineans are pioneers of many advanced forms of medicine and renowned as accomplished healers.

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