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Esther Montford (894 ATA - 993 ATA) was a terran military officer and Marauder hero, the founder of the Commonwealth of Free Terran States. 


Born on Thalassa in the Oceanhill system, Montford enjoyed a reputation as a competent if not particularly charismatic officer during her career in the Terran Navy. Upon her retirement in 949 ATA, she returned to her home system and took up leadership of the local militia, implementing a training regime and a recruitment drive that turned a hodge-podge of motivated but poorly equipped defenders into a cohesive protective force. Montford's Marauders, as they came to be known, initially patrolled the space around Oceanhill, in defiance of the Terran governments' wishes, but within five years had assimilated all the local militias from Oceanhill to New Elysium (later renamed Sol Deuterion) into one organized force.

The Terran government moved to try and disband Montford's forces a short time later, but were met with fierce civil resistance. Tensions continued to rise until early in 958 ATA, when the voting population of every system beyond Oceanhill declined to elect any representation in the Congressional election, triggering a constitutional crisis.

In response to the political situation, Montford deployed her entire force to Oceanhill and took military control of the colony, declaring the founding of a Commonwealth of Free Terran states. She led the negotiations with the Assembly that led to the formal declaration of Marauder independence, and was elected as the first Consul of the Commonwealth, a position she held for four years before standing down to enjoy a second, rather more reserved, retirement. She retained a voice and an influence in Marauder politics, and received a state funeral after her passing. The system of Montford's Gambit is named in her honour, and a statue of her commands the centre of Poseidon Plaza in New Lagos.

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