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Jennifer Bronwen - "Leaving aside the fact you’ve got no money for passage to Eva Arielle..."

Eva Arielle is the home system of the changeling race, and the capital system for the Changeling civilisation, the Federated Consortium of Changeling Nations.


Discovered in 301 ATA as the home system of a previously undiscovered race of advanced sentient beings with the ability to mimic other forms of life.

Eva Amarian is the capital planet, home to the Consortium government in the city of Amaris. Amaris is galactically renowned as a seat of learning, with the University of Amaris enjoying a reputation as one of the best schools in the Assembly. It also houses the headquarters and training academy of the Consortium Diplomatic Service.

During the Sentinel Rebellion, the system came under attack, but was successfully defended with minimal casualties.

The four main planets are closely spaced, each visible from the surface of the others. They are named for the Creators, the elemental deities of the changelings' dominant, albeit now mostly declined, religion. "Eva" in the old changeling language means home and "Arielle" is the collective name for the pantheon.

Notable characters

Notable events

Notable locations

  • Eva Amarian (planet, system capital)
    • Amaris (city, planet capital)
  • Amsara (planet)
  • Eva Anastos (planet)
  • Evanesta (planet)

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