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The Farseers, properly titled The Harmony, are a faction of the ercinean race. A religious offshoot of the main Ercinean culture, they are renowned for their pacifist ways. They seldom travel, and are thus a rare sight among the general galactic population. Although the Farseers mostly keep themselves at a remove from others, certain monasteries in systems such as Saetorae and Meteora are welcoming of visitors and will gladly offer teaching and training to acolytes of any race who wish to study their doctrines. Certain communions, more usually located in Ercinean space proper, also function as hospices, offering palliative and long-term treatment to chronically ill individuals of all races, since ercinean expertise with medicines and healing is second to none.


Founded in 3500 BTA, the original intent of the Farseer Harmony was to seek greater proximity to the galactic centre, and greater harmony with the universe. They consider that harmony to have many different expressions, manifesting itself best in a chosen endeavour or trial. Thus, while one individual may find harmony in the performance of music, another may find it in athletic prowess. Each individual's path is deemed unique.

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