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Fulda is a star system located in neutral space.


First mapped by the changelings in 37 BTA, but never identified by more than a code, Fulda was formally "discovered" in 84 ATA by a group of refugee-come-pioneer Terrans displaced from their original colony in the Perseus belt by Stalker aggression. However, communications from the settlers ceased shortly after they reported claiming territory on the sixth planet in the habitable zone.

Many years later, a changeling logistics expedition passing through the system while deploying communications buoys recorded the existence of a settlement. A landing party was dispatched to investigate, finding an abandoned settlement and no life signs. The only salvageable piece of equipment was a mining robot found at the end of a sunk shaft. The changelings never disclosed what data they retrieved from the unit, but a sharp rise in the Consortium's output of titanium shortly after the discovery raised intense speculation.

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