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The leviathan Giants do not, per se, have an army. It is more accurate to say that their entire race is their army, if sorely enough provoked. Their involvement in any historical conflicts has usually been in the role of auxiliary forces for their smaller Leviathan cousins.


Giants are territorial by nature, and internal competition has always been the strongest driving force in the development of combat skills. Those skills are also, traditionally, far more likely to be hand-to-hand than involving the use of weapons - when fighting for his or her range, a Giant would expect to subdue a challenger by main strength alone. Weapon-based combat skills have tended to derive from hunting and common defence of family and clan territory.

Military doctrine

Giant military doctrine has barely evolved over time. Due to the fact that the Giants tend to stay close to their own territory and have relatively little interaction with other races, they have not, historically, been involved in many conflicts. To such a long-lived species, even the Phantom Wars appeared a brief encounter. Their longevity imparts patience, which has led to the formulation of mainly defensive tactics geared towards full-spectrum dominance of their own territory and repelling any and all assaults.

Giants are strongly individualistic, though clans will sometimes take communal action, forming posses to deal with a common threat, taking direction, although not orders, from the clan leader. Their immense size and strength makes them solidly suited to physical defence and melee combat, but they are not inclined to being a well-drilled infantry. They do, however, excel at stalking and sniping, making them surprisingly effective as ambush troops, and this is the role in which the leviathans tend to deploy them in larger conflicts.

Army branches

As there is no organized Giant military, no standing divisions are maintained. Posses are formed in reaction to local threats. In times of greater conflict, volunteers may choose to join the Leviathan military.

Army ranks

Ranks Approx. age
The ranks of the Giants simply reflect the age of individuals, as this is understood to be the most prominent qualification of any commander.
Ancient Master 4500+
Ancient Adept 3500+
Master 3000+
Adept 2000+
Learner 1000+
Junior 500+
Young one 200+
Newborn <200

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