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Conflagration - "...Tradition bound and hierarchical in their thinking to a fault, (they) presented little possibility of surprising him."

To say that the leviathan Giants possess a navy is something of a misnomer. While they certainly have space-based combat vessels at their disposal, the cohesion of those forces is very much determined at an individual fleet level rather than by an overall command staff. These fleets arise according to need, crewed by individuals who share a common or overlapping social goal with the commander.


The Giants' naval force was initially established purely for the defence of their home system (unknown), but as it became clear that territorial expansion would be necessary for their population to continue to grow, they began to assemble expeditionary forces that could escort colonization and construction vehicles to other systems. These forces are typically organized along clan lines, since the clan (comprising several family groups) is the largest social order a Giant will customarily acknowledge.

Military doctrine

Giant military doctrine has barely evolved with time. Due to the fact that the Giants tend to stay close to their own territory and have relatively little interaction with other races, they have not, historically, been involved in many conflicts. To such a long-lived species, even the Phantom Wars appeared a brief encounter. Their longevity imparts patience, which has led to the formulation of mainly defensive tactics geared towards full-spectrum dominance of their own territory and repelling any and all assaults.

Although the Giants do possess an expeditionary force, as yet specific tactical doctrines have not been required. The Giants rely on reaching an objective first, digging in deep, drawing up clear battle lines and patrolling in optimal formations for direct conflict.

Due to the Giants' physical size all navy vessels are manned by substantially fewer crew than their smaller cousins' vehicles of the same class. Their ships are also bulkier and slower, but have considerably larger armaments than most other races.

The Giants' preferred habitat also means that some of their ships can operate in submerged environments.

Navy branches

Giant Defense Force
The Giants' way of life heavily influences their naval command structure, as each fleet is named for its current commander. It is the commander 's responsibility to decide, to a certain extent, the composition and size of his/her fleet. The Defence Force is responsible for keeping the Giants' territory clear of any threat or unauthorized access.
Fleets Special Dreadnoughts and Carriers Battlecruisers and support vessels Raider Squadrons
Cmd. name 1 starbase Max. 15 Max. 25 Max. 6
Cmd. name N/A Max. 10 Max. 20 Max. 4
Cmd. name N/A Max. 10 Max. 20 Max. 4
Cmd. name N/A Max. 10 Max. 20 Max. 4
Cmd. name N/A Max. 10 Max. 20 Max. 4

Giant Expedition Force
The Expedition Force contains fleets meant for exploration, preparing systems for colonization, and patrol/escort missions through neutral space.
Fleets Special Dreadnoughts and construction ships Battlecruisers and escort crafts Raider Squadrons
Cmd. name N/A Max. 30 Max. 15 Max. 10
Cmd. name N/A Max. 30 Max. 15 Max. 10
Cmd. name N/A Max. 30 Max. 15 Max. 10

Navy ranks

Ranks Approx. age
The ranks of the Giants simply reflect the age of individuals, as this is understood to be the most prominent qualification of any commander.
Ancient Master 4500+
Ancient Adept 3500+
Master 3000+
Adept 2000+
Learner 1000+
Junior 500+
Young one 200+
Newborn <200

Notable events

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