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The Giants are a faction of the Leviathan civilisation, albeit an almost entirely devolved one composed solely of members of the giant race.


The existence of the Giants was not disclosed to the Guardians until 14,000 BTA, some 70,000 years after their first contact with the Leviathans. When queried about this curious fact, the Leviathan leaders claimed it had been irrelevant, since the Giants had no wish to engage with outsiders.

This isolationist viewpoint continues to be the hallmark of the Giants' interaction with the other races. Like their cousins, they organise socially into family and clan groupings, but unlike the leviathans, they have no further organisational hierarchy, save for a small advisory council of clan leaders. In matters of galactic politics, they tend to accede to the decisions of the leviathan Conclave of Ancients.

Giants require even larger ranges than leviathans, and thus in more recent times, as they have become more populous, they have begun to colonize new systems, bringing them into direct contact with some of the other races whether they wish it or not. That contact, and their reaction to it, has been the source of some political friction, and even some armed skirmishes, in recent decades, in particular due to the overlap of desirable territory with those worlds required by the neomorphs for their xenogalactic physiology.

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