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Jennifer Bronwen - "Captain Bell? As in, Gina Bell?"

Gina Bell is an officer in the Marauder Marine Corps and a former lover of Jennifer Bronwen. Currently she is stranded in the Ice Serpent system, following the events of Conflagration.


Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 992 ATA, and posted as a platoon leader in the 11th Regiment, 2nd Division of the Marauder Marine Corps, Gina's first combat engagement was a dropship assault on Hellfire pirate positions in the Hydatus Teign system. The engagement was also her introduction to Corporal Jennifer Bronwen, with whom she later enjoyed a brief but intense romantic relationship. The relationship ended when it was discovered by one of their superior officers. Gina, fearing that the charges would mean an end to her career, blamed Jennifer for instigating the relationship. Jennifer, who had engineered the discovery in the hope of securing a discharge from the Corps, shouldered the blame, but admitted to Bell that she had used her shortly before departing for Asgard.

After undergoing mandatory ethics and leadership retraining as punishment for her misdemeanor, Bell was returned to her post and continued her career. She was promoted to First Lieutenant in 994 ATA, and to Captain (company commander) in 997 ATA. At last available information, courtesy of the disgraced Master Sergeant Thaddeus Jones, she was actively seeking promotion to Major and a billet as the regiment's operations officer.

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Conflagration (Book Two)

Following the Reaver assault on Marinaris, the ship Gina is stationed on, the FTS Saladin, is stationed on patrol in the Oceanhill system. They intercept a cargo freighter named the Solar Storm, and during the routine inspection, Gina encounters her former lover, Jennifer Bronwen, using a false identity. Placing Jen and her first mate under arrest, Gina authorizes the impounding and search of the ship, turning up evidence of a changeling agent aboard. She interivews her prisoners, exposing Keera Naraymis as a changeling, and then proceeds to interrogate both women separately, more intent on exacting vengeance on Jen than learning the truth. In her anger, she underestimates Keera's resourcefulness, permitting the changeling an opportunity to dupe and then drug her, locking her in the isolation cell in order to effect an escape.

Insurrection (Book One)

Stranded on Elapidae after abandoning ship during the Battle of Ice Serpent, Gina and her marine company have joined forces with the local changeling resistance network, carrying out sabotage raids against Templar targets. Although modestly successful, the raids do attract retaliatory strikes with high collateral damage, and are ultimately proving to be futile. Noticing a build-up in force in the system, the resistance commanders decide that providing intelligence is a more worthwhile use of their resources, and order Gina and her counterpart Ansaru to move operations to Boidae, where there is a better chance of accessing the galactic communications infrastructure.

The crash of the Bronwen's Fortune provides the company with a transport option, but several of the team are lost when a Templar patrol ambushes them as they are loading the ship. Gina is injured in the firefight, but escapes to Boidae with Ansaru and Lieutenant Park.

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