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The Guardians, a warrior culture with a military tradition stretching back tens of thousands of years, possess without doubt the best army in the galaxy, however, the quality of their forces is balanced by their lack of numbers. Rumour has it that the Guardians have never fought a battle where they weren't outnumbered.


Just like the Guardians themselves, the origin of their army is unknown, however at present their armed forces are made up of 100% of their population. While not all guardians are on active duty at all times, they can all be deployed in times of great need.

Military doctrine

Guardians tend to deploy in small numbers, since their population is so limited. Given this limitation, they tend not to be the antagonist in sensitive situations, preferring not to start wars if they can avoid them.

Guardians do not surrender once engaged in combat, and will fight to the death to achieve an objective, no matter the odds, often adopting a last stand position. It is a testament to their prowess that in most cases, such last stands succeed. In mixed-race forces, Guardians are usually deployed as either shock troops - an armoured spearhead to punch through enemy lines - or as the last line of defence.

Notable events

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