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The Guardians, a warrior culture with a military tradition stretching back tens of thousands of years, possess without doubt the best military in the galaxy, however, the quality of their forces is offset by their lack of numbers.


The first records of a coherent Guardian naval force date from the Daybreak War. However, the focus of the Guardian military is mainly ground combat, so while their naval vessels are formidably armed and armoured, they fill a dual role as troop carriers most of the time.

Military doctrine

Due to their extremely low population, Guardians tend to avoid ship-to-ship combat when they can, and will usually only engage defensively. In situations where they absolutely must engage, they have been known to augment their forces with auxiliaries, usually mercenaries, though the cyborgs have lent their strength to their co-creators on more than one occasion.

Navy branches

The Guardians assemble groups of vessels according to need rather than maintaining a standard military structure for their naval operations, thus, there are no formal classifications of service. Certain vessels are recognized as serving a purely combative function, and the majority of these ships and their attendant raider squadrons are usually to be found deployed on home defence duty around Aluxi.

Navy ranks

Ship's captains and essential officers are appointed by election from among those who serve on the crews, but no official rank system is in place.

Notable events

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