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Jennifer Bronwen - "Guardians never surrender."

The Guardians, properly titled the Order of Guardians, are a faction of the guardian race. The oldest known civilisation in the galaxy, the Order view themselves as responsible for the well-being and safekeeping of the younger races.


The Guardians hold their history close. As the oldest known race in the galaxy, they have the luxury of disdaining the curiosity of the younger races as regards their precise origins, evolution, and cultural development. Their society is insular and impenetrable, and Aluxi is, generally speaking, closed to outsiders. Alien races deal with the Guardians at a specially designated station on the outskirts of the system.

Guardians, and their more miltant brothers the Ronins, are a comparatively rare sight even in Assembly space. Numbering less than 100,000 individuals, they are rumoured to be a dying race. Nonetheless, they wield considerable political force and are renowned throughout the galaxy as brave, morally upright, and inexorable in pursuit of a goal.

All Guardians present themselves to the galaxy in full suits of armour, as befits a race of superbly skilled warriors. Each individual's armour is custom-made, custom-fitted, and decorated to their personal taste. The armour is a physical avatar of the guardian in many respects, in addition to being perhaps the most advanced protective technology in the galaxy, and is prized by private collectors and military R&D divisions alike. What the guardians themselves make of this interest is hard to say, since a guardian surrenders their armour only at death.

Every Guardian carries a sword, symbol of their martial commitment to justice, and each sword is bio-tagged to its individual owner. While anyone may wield such a blade as a standard weapon, the energised edge unique to Guardian blades will only activate in the hand of its owner.

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