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Conflagration - "If Hel’s Market could be said to have a motto, it was simply this: anything goes."

Hel's Market, on the planet Hel in the Asgard system, is one of the three major galactic markets (the others being located in the Bronwen and Ice Serpent systems). Outside the control of Assembly space, Hel's Market is a known haven for criminals and independent traders.


The galactic market on Hel arose amid the ruins of a templar city abandoned during the Hundred-Years' War, first coming to galactic notice in 92 BTA. Initially a neutral meeting point and trading post for pirate gangs, the market became more solidly established when the gang controlling the base realised that tapping into the plentiful natural resources of the Asgard system provided a means to massively increase their profit margins.

With the establishment of Assembly space in 0 ATA placing Asgard in neutral territory beyond the writ of the new galactic governing body, Hel's Market quickly became established as the commercial hub of choice for both independent and illegal trading, expanding rapidly through the ruins of the templar city upon whose grave it was built. Satellite operations, most notably the Vanaheim shipyard, sprang up on the neighbouring planets, but most of those operations serve as support and infrastructure for Hel's Market's voracious appetite for resources.

Points of interest

  • Highmarket (district)
  • Lowmarket (district)
    • The Spitting Snake (bar)
    • Mortalis Inhumations (undertaker)
  • Midmarket (district)
    • The Busted Flush (bar)
    • The Whore and Whisky (bar)
    • Vertigo (bar)
    • Valhalla Recruitment
  • Outskirts (district)

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