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The Hellfires are a criminal organization primarily concerned with piracy. They operate along the boundaries of Assembly space and, from time to time, along the major shipping lanes between the galactic markets.


The precise origins of the Hellfires are unknown. They first came to public attention in 990 ATA, raiding shipping lanes between Ice Serpent and Saetorae from a base believed to be in Vexation. Several Assembly patrols were dispatched into the system - one of the few independent territories within Assembly space - to weed them out, but no central facility was ever found.

More lasting notoriety was conferred by the events of 992-993 ATA, when the Hellfires invaded Hydatus Teign in an attempt to create a stronghold in a more resource abundant system. The Assembly took exception to this assault upon its territory, and dispatched a fleet under the command of the noted cyborg strategist Kiith Kohath to deal with the incursion.

The Assembly's military reprisal cost the Hellfires most of their ships and their construction capability, reducing them once more to an annoyance rather than a significant threat. They retreated to Vexation, and while they continue to operate, they are more likely to be found smuggling and scavenging than taking on the heavily armed escorts that now protect the shipping lanes near to their operational space. Rumour has it they also operate an illegal research racket, providing secure facilities and protection for governments wishing to conduct research forbidden by the Assembly charter, but no concrete evidence of such activity has ever been presented.

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