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A Hellfire Drop - "Still under the influence of the ship’s gravity, Jen felt herself tip forward in her restraints. Game time."

The Hephaestus is the Marauder Navy's titan class flagship, equipped for both space combat and heavy ground assaults.


The Marauder fleet, founded from a local militia, was originally a collection of superannuated military vessels and refitted civilian ships that were barely fit for purpose. Upon being declared Consul, one of Esther Montford's first directives was to begin funding the development of a larger, modernized fleet to better protect the citizens of a fragile new state.

The revenue accrued from the granting of control of the Bronwen galactic markets by the Assembly allowed the Marauders to make quick headway with this goal, rapidly prototyping a number of designs until settling on the optimized architectures seen today. However, Marauder tactical doctrine, dictating mobility, flexibility, and force concentration, led to the idea of a titan-class vessel - a self contained army, navy, and logistics platform equipped to take the fight to the enemy anywhere in the galaxy.

Vehicle design

Eighteen kilometres long and ten kilometres across at its widest, the Hephaestus is literally a space-faring city, crewed by tens of thousands and capable of deploying, if necessary, the entire Marauder Marine Corps. In practice, the number of regiments aboard is usually far below this maximum. In day-to-day operations the ship supports the Marines' Second Division, and the Third Armoured Division.

The Hephaestus was not fully operational when deployed for the Hellfire Campaign, however Marauder high command considered it a perfect opportunity to test the efficacy of titan-based combat doctrines. Setting sail with less than half of its stipulated complement of marines and support craft, and only sixty percent of its weaponry online, it nonetheless performed admirably and was recognized by Admiral Kiith Kohath as being a pivotal asset in his campaign.

The Hephaestus is commanded by a flag-rank officer, given the size of her complement. The current commander is Vice Admiral Zhang Wei.

Notable characters

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