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Jennifer Bronwen - "I’ll drop you off at Ice Serpent or back here, whichever you prefer."

Ice Serpent is a star system situated in Changeling space. It plays host to a galactic market, one of the cornerstones of Assembly economic activity (along with Kyzar and Bronwen), and the system connects many of the races with the Assembly commercially.

The system's star is a red giant, and thus the system has a narrow habitable zone and relatively little life-bearing capability. It is, however, enormously wealthy with respect to mineral resource.


In 114 ATA, the Assembly, conscious that trade is the lifeblood of state cooperation, encouraged the establishment of galactic markets in two "crossroads" systems, Bronwen and Ice Serpent. To the templar's dismay Ice Serpent was ceded to the Changelings in 306 ATA as a token of good faith, to aid them against the Sentinel rebellion, and to give the civilisation closer territorial ties to the Assembly. The huge deposits of crystals and natural resources in the system proved to be key in the victory against the Sentinels.

In contrast to its counterpart in the Bronwen system, Ice Serpent deals mainly in raw materials and fuels as opposed to finished goods and services. Several multisystem corporations dealing in extraction, mining, and refining are headquartered on the capital planet, Boidae, which is the financial centre of the system. Elapidae, the only other habitable planet, is regarded as the foundry of the Assembly, with better than fifty percent of the materials used in manufacturing galaxy-wide being processed there.

The system is permanently garrisoned by the Ice Serpent Home Fleet, one of the major divisions of the Changeling Navy, and two small brigades of the Changeling Army. The corporations also employ private security for their production facilities.

Notable locations

  • Boidae (planet, market location)
    • The Great Salt Ocean (natural resource, tourist attraction)
  • Elapidae (planet, market location)
    • The Sunforge

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