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More of an organism than an organized force, coordinated in every way, insectoid warriors are born for a single purpose - to protect their society - and consequently display no fear of death.


The insectoids do not have an army in the traditional sense - their warrior caste developed alongside the rest of the insectoid society - primarily as a defence force at first, but rapidly becoming a key element in overcoming the elements in their rise above the non-sentient species of their home system.

Insectoid warriors are part of a highly structured society where all castes serve the higher purpose of protecting and ensuring the future existence of the insectoids as a race.

Military doctrine

The insectoids do not have military doctrines as seen in regular armies, but with specific individuals born to protect and expand the society, they have a fearsome force at their disposal that can be brought to bear on any enemy.

Like many non-sentient species of an arthropod nature, the insectoids are successful due to the way they utilize their strengths. This includes swarming enemies, consuming all resource in territories they can't defend, move their colonies with them and expand where other species can't go.

There are several distinct soldier types in the insectoid warrior caste, each specializing in different combat techniques. Some can release acid spores that blind enemies, while others can pin their prey by spraying them with glue-like proteins, or paralyze them with venomous bites. Their "weapons" vary significantly from colony to colony, as different worlds present different environmental threats to be dealt with. But common to all warriors/soldier individuals are their willingness to sacrifice themselves in defence of their colonies, and their utter lack of a fear of death.

Army branches

The Insectoids have no formal orders or hierarchy regarding warfare, as they rely on each colony to provide warriors and workers for their faction/society to be able to develop and prevail. See the Insectoid race entry for more information. The Acarids, often working in harmony with their parent race, can provide combinatorial force options since they are able to fly.

Army ranks

The Insectoids have no formal ranks, but work as a whole bases upon their colony's structure. See the Insectoid race entry for more information.

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