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The insectoid's concept of a coherent army working as one organism taken to the skies. The environment might have changed - but the insectoids rely on what has brought them success this far.


Space combat vehicles are a relatively new addition to the insectoid civilization, as they were only capable of transporting themselves off world in one-time-use cocoon ships developed to carry enough individuals to colonize new worlds. However, after having interacted with other races they realized just how important it would be to be able to defend their civilization from space.

Many of the insectoids space faring crafts are build with organic interior and special exoskeletons capable of withstanding the normal wear and tear of flight. This structure makes many of the insectoid ships capable of slow self regeneration, meaning that those ships that aren't destroyed may recover completely from damage suffered.

Military doctrine

The insectoids haven't had any opportunity to prove their worth in space based operations, but based on Assembly observations and assessments, the insectoids will be capable of utilizing the same strategies in space as on the ground.

Navy branches

The Insectoids have no formal orders or groupings regarding warfare, as they rely on each colony to provide warriors and workers for their faction/society to be able to develop and prevail. See the Insectoid race entry for more information.

Navy ranks

The Insectoids have no formal ranks, but work as a whole base upon their colony's structure. See the Insectoid race entry for more information.

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