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The insectoid race, along with their descendants the acarids, are the youngest of the Assembly races native to the Burning Suns galaxy.


Insectoids derive their descriptive name from their behaviours rather than their physical appearance. Usually quadrupedal and frequently bicephalic, insectoids vary so widely in form and appearance that it is more accurate to consider the sentient race a genus rather than an individual species.

Insectoids, while capable of vocalizing sounds, do not use speech or language as a primary method of communication, relying on pheromones or the socialized instincts of their collective consciousness. Since this presents a barrier to easy communication with the other races, comparatively little detail on insectoid biology is available. They are known to live in colonies and to be eusocial (see "Castes" section for more detail), and to reproduce via parthenogenesis.

Individuals have a very short lifespan, which gives rise to an incredibly fast evolutionary cycle, making it possible for the insectoids to adapt to new environments when colonising rather than adapting the environment to their needs. This makes them perhaps the most successful "terraformers" in the galaxy.

Insectoid society is based on labour-defined groups called castes. All individuals are born into a caste with a specific function. What distinguishes the insectoids from non-sentient beings are three specialised castes capable of communicating with other races and making individual decisions (albeit guided by the consensus of their peers).
Monarchs (sentient) - Provide leadership and decision making, control the colonies' hive mind.
Overseers (sentient) - Developing and expanding the hive mind's knowledge and focus.
Seekers (sentient) - Exploring the galaxy far ahead of the hive mind.
(non-sentient) Breeders, Builders, Farmers, Nursers, Warriors, Workers

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