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The Insectoids, properly titled the Symbiosis, represent the overarching civilisation of the insectoid and acarid races. Although the other races of the galaxy tend to classify the acarid species as a separate faction, in practice no such division exists.


The development of the concept of a civilisation came late the to insectoids, and is derived almost wholly from external influence. Little concrete data on insectoid social structure exists outside of their own records, since communication is limited, however it is apparent that the principal organisational unit of the insectoids is the colony, which might best be described as a wholly autonomous city state. Each colony maintains links with its neighbours, and thus, hierarchical collectives on district, continent, and planetary scales are common, but until contact with the Assembly in 621 ATA, there had never been a societal need for governance or representation on a whole-population basis. Their "government" is therefore very much an artefact of the necessity to interact with other species; a mechanism by which the Assembly races can conduct political and economic negotiations, rather than a true administration of the insectoid population.

Like the other factions, they send three Envoys to sit on the Assembly council, however these beings, able to serve only a few years at most, do not represent themselves as named individuals, instead referring to themselves as Listener, Speaker, and Watcher. Of the three, only Speaker ever engages in debate.

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