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"...You may be able to pin an officer’s bars on a grunt, but the grunt abides.”

Isabela Begun is an officer in the Marauder Navy. She serves as the Strategic Operations Officer on First Fleet's general staff.


Enlisting as a noncom in the Marauder Marine Corps at the age of eighteen, Begun rose rapidly through the ranks thanks to her quick wits and intuitive grasp of tactics. Having distinguished herself in the field during the Hellfire Campaign, she gained the attention of the up-and-coming staff officer Grigor Nazarian. The future First Fleet commander arranged for Begun to transfer from the Marines to the Navy and she took command of her first battlecruiser in 993 ATA, completing her obligatory tour as a ship's captain before transferring to Nazarian's strategic operations staff in 996 ATA.

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Burning Suns - Conflagration
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Conflagration (Book Three)

Captain Begun is assigned to serve aboard Koios as the Marauder fleet's liaison officer during the assault on Ice Serpent, working directly with Kiith Kohath.

Insurrection (Book One)

Begun receives Jen Bronwen's report on the Templar incursion in Beth'Avery, and delivers new orders for the Fortune to make a run to Kyzar with diplomatic deliveries.

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