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“Lieutenant Jin Park, eleventh regiment, Marauder Marines.” 

“Lieutenant Jin Park, eleventh regiment, Marauder Marines.” 

Jin-Sun Park is an officer in the Marauder Marine Corps. He serves as the executive officer of the FTS Bronwen's Fortune under Jennifer Bronwen.


Jin-Sun was born in New Lagos on Geonova, the second of three kids. His parents were a firefighter and a police officer, and his decision to sign up for the marines was a response to their example of service. Having graduated from high school with excellent grades, he was selected for OCS after completing his first tour. His posting to the Fortune is his second as an officer, and his first secondment to special operations.

Insurrection (Book One)[]

Park is one of the new crew aboard the Fortune, serving as Jen's second-in-command. After their discovery of the destruction of Kyzar, he takes temporary command, ordering the ship out of the danger zone while Jen is indisposed.

After Jen's deception in bringing the ship to Lazarus Depth is revealed, Park grudgingly agrees to help rescue Keera, on condition that Jen surrender to his custody afterward. Upon Jen being relieved of command in Eva Arielle, Park is given command of the ship.

En route back to Marauder space, the Fortune is ambushed and damaged, forcing Park to make an emergency landing in Ice Serpent, where he meets marooned Marauder officer Gina Bell. Gina commandeers the ship to help move her guerrilla unit from Elapidae to Boidae.

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