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Jennifer Bronwen - "That, Timo, is a titan-class vessel, the mother of all battleships."

Koios is a titan-class battleship, the Synergy's primary war vessel.


Koios was activated in 986 ATA, the culmination of a decade-long construction project. It is the first and thus far only titan-class constructed by the Synergy, since such vessels require an enormous amount of resource to build and maintain.

Like most cyborg vessels, Koios' operation is governed by an AI rather than a technical crew, however, where most vessel-based AIs are essentially drones that maintain ship function, leaving the higher decision making to command officers, Koios is a fully self-aware animate, an individual being who is capable of rational decisions and managing the ship's systems and actions through direct neural control. This makes Koios by far the most responsive battleship of the titan class anywhere in the galaxy, and thus, by extension, the most deadly.

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In 999 ATA, Koios is appointed as Kiith Kohath's flagship for the mission to Ice Serpent to confront the Reaver fleet.

Vehicle design

Koios was created for one purpose - combat - and is outfitted solely with that goal in mind, with capacity for nearly 300,000 troops, twelve permanently stationed raider squadrons, and 50 breaching pods.

Notable characters

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