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Conflagration - "Korxonthos... a constructed planet, a homeworld built almost from scratch."

Korxonthos is the "homeworld" of the Cyborgs, and the capital of the Cyborg civilisation, The Synergy.


A planet-scale construction capable of self-propulsion at sub-FTL velocities, Korxonthos has been under constant construction for almost 2,000 years.

The core of the construct is a dwarf planet, initially identified as a resource-rich mining target. The Synergy constructed outposts to facilitate processing, and slowly began to connect discrete outposts into a network. As more and more animates were produced, the necessity for physical storage space along with expansion of operations provoked a second round of construction, and over the years the Synergy has continued to add modules to the structure as and when necessity demands.

Heavy and hazardous manufacturing and material processing - including shipyards, ore refining, and metalworks - are located on the ring platform surrounding the main body of the moon, to limit damage in the event of accidents.

The Synergy named the base Korxonthos, the Guardian word for 'Beginning'.

Notable characters

Notable locations

  • Commercial sector (area)
  • Dockyards (area)
  • Legislature chamber

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